sommarvilla 01

Software used

Yrgo, Innerstadens Arkitekter
fall 2021
3Ds Max, ForestPack, RailClone, Corona, AutoCAD, Photoshop

The villa as I imagined it – on a property close to the ocean; embraced by pines and heathers.

This project revolved around building a villa from technical drawings, and then visualising it in a suitable environment. The surroundings were based on any material handed with the drawings, as well as moodboards and references I found on my own.

From a varied selection I chose to work with Sommarvilla_01 by Innerstadens Arkitekter, much because of its interesting architecture and the challenge of fulfilling the requirements defined by the brief. I was supplied with basic CAD drawings of facades, sections and plans for the two story villa. 

The brief specified that the environment should resemble that of southern Swedish counties Skåne or Halland. They’re known for their flat terrains and coastal stretches covered with pine forests. As a reference I used photos I’ve taken on my own in those areas. Furthermore, the exterior walls were to be embellished by light plaster or vertical wood panels – I went for wood – and that the roof be cled in grooved steel. Specifically, I opted for local pine facades and an aluminium-zink alloy roof able to resist the testing coastal climate.



Above: the brief provided with the drawings.

The most trying aspects of this project proved to be camera settings and greenery. Most of the environment was created using Maxtree models with Forest Pack

Parts such as facades and gutters were created using RailClone