jetson '69

Software used

fall 2021
3Ds Max, Mudbox, Corona, Photoshop

The second assignment at Yrgo meant finding a chair of my own choice, and then recreating it in 3D, as true to life as possible. Finally, I was to embrace the chair with an environment fitting for an advertisement.

One of my favorites among furniture designers is Bruno Mathsson, and among his best designs is Jetson. It was first presented in the spring of 1966, but it would take until ’69 for the design to reach its true form.

This chair was the result of years of experimentation using steel as a way to create good comfort while using less textile and stripped geometry. There’s a timelessness surrounding it, yet the futuristic and space-inspired elements typical for its time are clearly visible in the design. 

While it is sold in several versions, my absolut favorite is flax 21 beige/dakota 24 cognac, which is also the version I chose to model – along with its accompanying footstool. I took the opportunity to do this as a way to get familiar with more advanced geometry in 3Ds Max, accompanied by Mudbox.  

Bruno Matthsson in his Jetson. 

Artwork: Le Château des Pyrénées by René Magritte.

Light reference and inspiration for the ad. A rather soft light and simple, minimalistic interior.

For the ad backdrop I looked for a large-scale environment and finally settled for this shot from Kungsleden, northern Sweden.

Before After